Alex MaloubierFounder

Areas of Expertise
  • Financial Management
  • Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Project Management
  • Business Development
  • MBA in Finance & Management Institut Supérieur de Gestion (ISG Business School) – Business & Management, Paris, France

Alex’s journey in the F&B and hospitality industry started early in his youth. He had taken varying jobs and had experienced many roles from the time he started out. He eventually gained a wealth of experience that gives him critical insights in running a company. One thing that strikes him the most is how a company manages its most valuable resource: humans. He fully understands that employees are a company’s most crucial resource.

Alex’s experiences are rich and diverse. From low-level positions to managerial roles, he had experienced being in virtually all levels of hierarchy. His myriads of participations in varying roles had helped shape a desire in him to help people run their business better. An idea of a company that help people with his insights in running a company was conceived. But he was missing something.

He finally decided to journey to Asia, where he spent several years traveling to several countries, until he finally settled in Bali. The paradise island had quickly became Alex’s home base. He fell in love with Bali’s multifaceted culture. Here, he managed to establish a restaurant and beach club. During this crucial time, he met Sukma, who later became a valued business partner. Sukma was the last piece of the puzzle. With her expertise in industrial and organizational psychology and her experience in running the hospitality industry, they set forth in establishing what is known today as Actual Synergy. He stays true to his long-time vision of wanting to help people run their companies better. Now equipped with a dedicated team of his own, he sets forth to execute the dream.