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Can your business actually thrive with your hands full of every single affair? There are a lot of ongoing tasks that need your attention for the growth of your business more than handling things like payroll, bookkeeping, tax compliance, accounting, and just about every other back office affair. Let trained professionals handle the heavy lifting of your back office affair. All you have to do is focus on what matters for you and your business.


Finding the right person for the right position is complex and time consuming. Leave the headhunting to us. We’ll match you with the top talents in your industry.

The human resource market is complex and ever-changing. Each person has different career goals and a different set of values. Just as each company has a different goal, bottom line, and different culture. Identifying someone with the right skillset and experience is just a single process out of many. How do you identify the right candidates? How can you attract them? The entire process is dynamic. It requires an intimate knowledge of the job market. Identifying the hiring need for your company, searching and attracting top-shelf candidates, down to the hiring of the candidate is an extensive process. Without a dedicated team focusing on the process, it has proven to be a taxing one that costs you.

We are experienced in helping companies from a wide range of industries find their right employee match. Though we shine best in the hospitality industry as our team are long-term players and seasoned industry insiders. Our team knows the skills and personality necessary for a hospitality business to not just succeed, but thrive in the long term. Matching the company with the right person is what we’ll help you accomplish.

Human Resource Management

Success of any organization lies in how successful you manage the driving force—humans. We handle everything related to managing your employee; the most valuable asset in your company.

Human resource, in other words, your employee, has long been described as the most valuable intangible asset a company can have. The Human Asset is the most powerful factor that is the company’s inner driving force. People’s knowledge, expertise, as well as a combination of skill set that is unique to each person is the key to a company’s success and sustainable growth.

While hiring dedicated people for to fill in the Human Resource Department division is a good option for some companies, it can be a very costly endeavor. Hiring employee costs beyond their monthly salary. There are recruiting expenses, employee benefits, office space, and new employee often means an additional equipment. This is where hiring a specialized agency or consultants may benefit you and your company.

Accounting System Set-up & Bookkeeping

Get ahead of your finances and don’t let the affair slow you down. We offer full accounting service. Let us handle the numbers. You can focus on being creative.

Just updating your checkbook takes a lot of time. The process is complex and is often a source of headache, especially for new business owners. Compiling data, assessing all transactions, identifying and analyzing bottom line’s growth, filing tax deductions, are just a few among the complex tax of bookkeeping and accounting.

Our team understand that being held up by numbers can be detrimental to the operational running of your business. A lot of creative people and entrepreneurs does not consider themselves to be numbers-people. It’s understandable, and even if you are well-versed in keeping track of a company’s finances, managing it continuously is no doubt a taxing job. Let the trained professionals do your bookkeeping. Our team will become your virtual office dedicated to do all the hard lifting for you.

Tax & Legal Compliance

Don’t worry about the hassle of dealing with complex government regulations. From working permits to taxes, our experienced consultants in Indonesian laws will help you.

Dealing with complex and often times confusing government regulations has never been anyone’s favorite to-dos in running their businesses. A lot of people are not familiar with the workings of tax. Even more people aren’t familiar with the workings of Indonesian government regulations. The complexity grows when you’re running a business in a foreign country. There’s just a lot to tackle.

Fulfilling tax requirement in a timely manner, compiling data and generating report to the tax authorities in a proper format, down to maintaining compliance can be a real headache. A lot of people get discouraged by the seemingly daunting task of doing their taxes. Tax compliance is a lot of work. But don’t let tax and government regulations hinder your business operation. You don’t have to deal with it alone, our team will help you take care of everything related to all that crafty legal stuff.

Payroll & Employee Benefits

Not many realize that paying an employee is actually complex and time consuming until they run a business. Don’t let payroll processing headache hinder your business operation.

Every business owners realize that paying employee is not as simple and clear-cut as it sounds. A lot of work is involved in payroll processing. Taking care of tax withholdings, retirement plan, and insurance premiums are merely a few aspects among payment processing. It is a very time consuming process. With the time spent, the process costs you money for the operation as well.

Hiring a dedicated employee or group to handle your employee payroll process can be costly. The process of recruiting and the continuous process of managing employee can get very expensive. Hiring a dedicated team to do your payroll is often not an option. This is where we’ll help. Run your business worry-free from this issue as you leave it to the professionals. You can focus on what’s important to grow your business.

Training and Development

Stagnancy is the Human Asset’s most dangerous enemy. Nurture your most valuable asset with the best training and development program tailored to your company’s needs.

The focus on human resource acquisition does not stop on recruiting the right person for the right position. It’s a company’s life-long process. Employee as an individual and as a group should be nurtured to growth in their job performance. As seasoned industry insiders in hospitality, let us help cultivate your company to the best of its potential.

Strengthen your organization through the right nurture for your employee. Each company is different and no two companies have the same needs. Training and development requires a thorough assessment of what you need, an understanding of your organization and most of all, your employee. Tailor your training and development program according to what matters to you most and which area you’d like to nurture. Make sure you have the right fit in nurturing your employee.

Pre-Opening Set-up

There are numerous work that needs to be done during the pre-opening period. Let us take care of the staffing of the operational team to the upper echelons. Pre-opening is a crucial process before your business can go live.

The process of pre-opening is massive work. Don’t let things overwhelm you. It could lead to lateness. Issues that should be able to get resolved may spiral out of control. Our team are long-time players in the tourism industry. We are equipped with years of experience in dealing with the exhaustive workings of setting up a wide range of businesses including hotels and restaurants.

The issue of human resource is integral. Our team entirely understands that employee is the driving force of any business. Let us take care of the staffing of the operational team to the upper echelons. Have a front desk staff, waiters, waitresses, cooks, and all positions needed for the operational workings ready. Positions of supervisors and managers needed to be considered carefully as well. Other tasks such as distribution channels, collaboration with travel agencies, and other pre-opening tasks would need to be managed as well. Pre-opening is an extremely crucial process before your business can go live as smoothly as possible.

Company Audit

“Auditing helps ensure that a company’s finance as well as its record is properly maintained. It assures investors and stakeholders that your company’s financial state is represented fairly and accurately. Enlist professional help for your company audit.”

Auditing is undoubtedly an essential process that every business should go through regularly. The process of auditing examines the entirety of a business or an organization’s financial state. Books, statutory records, accounts, documents, and every other aspect of a company’s financial state. The result of company auditing ensures accurate and fair representation of your company’s financial health. Auditing may serve as a process of third party assurance. The process assures investors as well as various stakeholders that your company’s financial state is represented fairly and accurately.

Auditing helps to ensure that a company’s finance as well as its record is properly maintained.
It serves as a regular safeguard measure. All businesses need to go through this process. This can take away your precious time and shift your focus from growing your business. Let yourself be assured by enlisting the help of professionals for your company audit.

Business & Management Advisor

“Growing your business poses a constant question on how to reach your customers; or rather, how can you reach your customer better? Business growth encapsulate all aspects of customers. Our team understands this by heart.”

Growing your business poses a constant question on how to reach your customers; or rather, how can you reach your customer better? One of the keys is identifying your target market; and it’s something that would always change. Another important element that your business cannot overlook is how to maintain good relationships with your customers and/or your clients. It’s an extremely essential process.

Many businesses focus on acquiring customers and fail to notice the importance of maintaining that very relationship they had acquired. Business growth encapsulate all aspects of customers. Our team understands this by heart. Let’s take a closer look on how you grow your business. Learn from seasoned consultants and grow your business to a much bigger scale. Growing your business takes a lot of figuring things out. But you don’t have to go through the process alone.